Playing with Bitcoin has advantages

The advantages of playing with Bitcoin are many, really. And surely for some they have more importance than others. But in Casino Comparador we wanted to show the four most important ones. These are:

Privacy: The Bitcoin casino do not know or want to know who is behind the Bitcoin account that passes the money and to which they return the profits. Transfers are totally private and therefore in many countries where the laws are more restrictive in this regard these casinos are not licensed. Spain is one of them. This does not mean that it is illegal to bet in these casinos from our country, that must be made clear. The players who play in these casinos seek total privacy and have it.

Taxation: It is perhaps the reason why many online casino players want to bet with Bitcoin. It is not a legal currency and, therefore, no tax can be claimed from anyone when playing with this currency. It is impossible. In any case, this does not imply that by converting Bitcoin into real money, the tax hacienda of each country claims taxes on profits if it detects that they come from online gambling. But of course, made the law, made the trap. Many players do not change their Bitcoin for money of legal tender, but for products, since many online stores accept this currency as a method of payment.

Limits: Great players, those who play a lot of money, are sometimes limited by online casinos licensed. Many do not allow betting more than the account and frustrate many players. The Bitcoin Casinos have many higher maximums, since that is what makes their difference with the rest. And since Bitcoin allows privacy, it also allows players to spend more money without fear of the Treasury. It is a gain for everyone.

Playing outside the borders of the country where we are: There are players who, because they reside in certain countries where online gaming is regulated and, therefore, there are laws that prevent them from playing in unlicensed casinos, such as Spain, feel their freedom to decide the casino where they want to play. These licenses have their reason to see, especially for the security they offer in all areas, but for some they are a brake. The Bitcoin allows to play in these casinos since the registration is simple, they only ask for an email and a password and it is played with undetectable currency for the state from which it is played. Of course, there are times when we need a VPN to play and thus make the casino believe that we are in a country where we can play without problems. Other Bitcoin casinos remove this problem by noting that the player is solely responsible for not complying with the law. Of course, we repeat it again, in Spain it is not illegal to play in casinos without a license.

How to play in Bitcoin casino

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

The process is exactly the same as that done with any currency. That is, you just have to go to the Bitcoin casino that we like the most and make an income in this currency using the payment method that is available. Normally, the easiest thing is to open a Bitcoin wallet and, using a simple URL, send the amount of Bitcoin we want. And for retirement, the process is similar. And always instantaneous.

Also, registering in these casinos is even easier than in licensed casinos. Bitcoin casinos do not request personal data or anything like that, since their advantage over the rest is that they are totally private. They do not want to know who is behind each account. They only need an email and a password, nothing more.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that some online casinos that accept Bitcoin change to the legal currency at the time of playing. If this is the case, it is important to be attentive to the type of change they are making in order not to be harmed.